The REBEL • The ARTIST • Kandis James

The Artist behind Art for the REBELS is Kandis James. 

Kandis was bullied through most of her school years and often wished for nothing more than to 'fit in'. As she got older though, she realized that being different was and is a gift. She began to revel in her different views of the world, in her unique ideas of what makes life 'great', and chose to explore life and all it had to offer when she set out on a 4 month backpacking trip, only to return 7.5 years later.

As a true rebel, she only found happiness when she began to go against the grain of what's considered 'normal' in this strange, barren modern world we live in where the majority of humans walking this earth are devoid of spirituality, connection and divine inspiration. 

With Art for the REBELS, Kandis hopes to bring people back to their truth - back to their connection to what is 'real' in this life - to give people an opportunity to remember that this life is more than waking up each day to pay our bills, be 'accepted', and go through the motions of modern day 'life'. 

Kandis knows that true life exists beyond those limitations. And with her art she hopes to inspire more people to seek the truth. 

And while she does hope to inspire others to see the truth and create a life that fills them with joy - she finds it her duty to remind you that it's only YOU that has the power to create a life you love. 

And NOW is the time to do it.



Art for the REBELS

Artist Kandis James created Art for the REBELS as a go-to community for those think outside the box. Always living 'against the grain', this is the first time she has turned her love for the uniqueness of life into physical form. Thanks for being here. What can she help you create today?