Customized Art

Most of the art pieces on Art for the REBELS have hidden messages desiged to give you hope, support and love on your path as a rebel.

The cool thing about digital art means that these pieces can also be completely customized.

Do you have a certain phrase you always tell your loved one? A slogan for your business? A quote that makes you feel all the goodness?

Kandis can completely customize that for you to make your piece extra unique.

If there is colour in the photo, she can change that too to match your interior decor or simply your favourite colour.

Contact Kandis to discuss how she can customize any of your favourite prints.

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Art for the REBELS

Artist Kandis James created Art for the REBELS as a go-to community for those think outside the box. Always living 'against the grain', this is the first time she has turned her love for the uniqueness of life into physical form. Thanks for being here. What can she help you create today?