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Art for the REBELS


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Artist's Poetic Interpretation:

I am woman
Hear me roar
I will not be held back
Not anymore
I will not be told
What size I should wear
What colour I should dye my hair
I will embrace my skin
I will see my wrinkles & laugh lines
as a life well lived
I will not wear a bra
just to hide my nipples
They need not be shamed
They’re divine
In all sense of the word
I will be me
As I was made
I will tell you exactly what I think
I will not hold back
I am smart
I am worthy
I don’t need to be mansplained
I am power
I am beauty
I am feminine energy
Not here for you
but for me
To shine my light
And live my life
the best that I can be
For Me

- Kandis James


This digital artwork is printed on only the highest quality materials. The artist has chosen her favourite mediums for this print for you to choose from. As with everything on Art for the REBELS, customizations are available. Contact us if you want to discuss a different style of print, medium or frame. 


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