For you, James!

Hey James!

I drew this for you as a thank you gift. Below you'll find a video with a personal message that goes with it.

This particular piece took me 27 hours, 40 minutes to create and used 24,394 individual pen strokes. (I know this because I use Pro Create and it tracks it all.)

In the video below I'll point out all the customized parts and the meaning behind why I created this specifically for you.

For James Wedmore

Timelapse of Drawing

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Art for the REBELS

Rebels draw outside the lines - and they live there too.

Rebels live their life not by what they're told, but by what they feel. A rebel's connection to the multiverse is strong, much like their intuition of which they trust without question - a sense of innate knowing - far different from simply accumulating knowledge.

Rebels revel in the opportunity that each moment brings to start anew. To begin again. To challenge the status quo and bring a little more magic into every moment, every interaction and every drop of being-ness in this infinite space we call life.

Art for the REBELS was born out of a sense of pride for being different - for challenging what's 'normal' and for seeing beyond the average scope of possibility. Rebels live in a world where everything is possible because 'reality' is but a reflection of our imagination.

- Kandis James, Artist, Art for the REBELS